WANA is capable of covering all important events in the country using the most professional camera crew, producers, photographers and editors; delivering the packages in the least amount of time possible. We put all our effort in capturing any significant occurrence happening while informing you about it in case of use. Our studio in Tehran provides live programs 24 hours, having experts in different areas willing to attend. Upon your request, our writers and photographers can cover any content along with the videos. Being located in central Tehran, the WANA office has great access to all important organizations, including the Parliament, the Presidential office and the Ministries.

. Researching a story

. Planning the coverage

. Shooting the video

. Editing and voicing the video

. Delivery of the finished package to you

. Client workspace

. Special events coverage

. Production support

. Several camera crews

. Editing suite

.  FTP

. Single camera live studio

. Photographers

WANA produces content based on your needs and requests, sending it to you in the most convenient way possible. We present up to date technology in the field of news along with an experienced team in order to give you access to all events taking place in Iran. Our experience and good access inside the country can insure the acquirement of the best services in WANA. Furthermore, we possess a very rich and diverse archive which you can gain access to via booking by date and subject, sending you the material as soon as possible. or

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